Rachel Davis

  The role of the artist in society is constantly changing and evolving. This is due to the ways in which artwork questions, comments and responds to societal norms and current issues. Creating a visual portrait of a particular time, art functions like a mirror. Through its prism, it reflects the surrounding culture, asking, in […]

Cary Leibowitz: Museum Show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum runs through June 25th, 2017. This is the first career survey show for the New York-based artist. The exhibition includes over 350 works from 1987 to present, all dealing with subjects of the art market, queer politics, and kitsch. In an evocative and humorous manner, Leibowitz […]

  Gallivanting Gallery Gals Get Going  Who are those girls?  What do they think they’re doing? They are R/SF and they are creating a new diverse artistic community. What about you? R/SF is a collaborative, experimental and diverse art gallery in the Tenderloin Nob hill neighborhood of San Francisco.  Nestled between a bakery and a […]


When we think about contemporary art, white walls, large canvases and Manolo Blahniks come to mind. What about the creativity, the voices and the movements within our communities now? The bay area, Oakland and San Francisco respectively, have a rich artistic tradition embedded with empowerment, love and activism.  Community is a practice in dialogue, a […]