Guerrero Gallery: ‘Dust’ Jovi Schnell Nick Makanna Terri Friedman

by Admin on 05/06/2017

08/05/2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Guerrero Gallery
1465 Custer Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124

Jovi Schnell. Nick Makanna. Terri Friedman

Turbo Nectar
Willy Reed

We’re proud to present Dust featuring the work of Jovi Schnell, Nick Makanna and Terri Friedman, alongside Turbo Nectar–a solo exhibition by artist Willy Reed. Both shows will open Saturday, August 5th from 6-9pm and will be up through the 26th of the month.

From 4:30 to 6:30, join us as Chueco’s Taco’s serves up some delicous food!

Dust focuses on the exploration of systems of growth and decay, as they filter through personal, social and imaginative realms. Whether it’s Friedman’s dizzyingly complex weavings that channel anxieties stemming from our current political turmoil, employing the timeless technology of the loom to mediate the existential dread and essential optimism that are poles of contemporary survival. Schnell’s frenetically composed paintings and vibrant interstellar imaginings or ”Space Gardens”, that feel particularly vital given our slowly besieging climate catastrophe. Or Makanna’s spindly ceramic structures which call to mind medieval gothic ruins and modern industrial prisons which, much like the other artists, channel a surprising levity through vibrant surfaces and anxiously playful dispositions. In a sense then, Dust is more an exploration of balance–of remaining both realistic and unwaveringly hopeful amidst our constant strife and ever-increasing assortment of doomsday scenarios.

Turbo Nectar is a solo exhibition by San Francisco born and Los Angeles based artist Willy Reed, who through the primordial material of clay negotiates the saturated aesthetics and peculiar contradictions that compose a collective California imaginary. What better material to interrogate the elements that compose this mythological place other than clay–that primordial sludge that enmeshed itself within the state’s 60’s counter culture and 70’s Funk Art movements, and which continues to be embraced and fetishized as a direct antithesis to our increasingly cloud-based existence.