Low Rence: Jen Shear

by Admin on 04/09/2017

04/07/2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Low Rence
716 Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA 94108

We invite you to the opening reception of Studies, a solo show of
Jen Shear at Low Rence in San Francisco, CA.

April 7th | 6pm – 9pm | 716 Sacramento St.
San Francsico, CA
In her recent work, Artist Notes, Jen Shear writes,

“Does the grid know it’s a grid?”

A good question for all systems, all objects, all of those who raise a subject.

There are so many questions & so many demands,

so many constrictions in this pre-built world.

But plenty of modifications.

And we move freely? Right?

Or we move freely within the grid? Right.

There are a lotta ways to trap & trick your mind.

A lotta ways to touch a world that doesn’t touch back.

Here is your life’s grid!

We promise it’s tactile, moldable, mutable.

Move freely.

Inside of your box.

Move freely.

Inside of your room.

Move freely.

Inside of your head.

Does detritus know it’s detritus?

Trash is your sanctuary.

Trash is your opportunity to make a home.

But don’t get too comfortable unless you can afford it.

Propagate, procreate, sow & seek.

There’s not much left to do & not much time to do it.

Does a cage know it’s a cage?

We can chicken wire wrap your soul,

reconnect your separated sole.

Stop your empathetic elastic from stretching.

Sex is free.

Inside of your box.

Sex is free.

Inside of your head.

“Does the grid know it’s a grid?”

Does it know that’s all there is.