Public Barber Salon: Crystal Townsend and Jewel Tucker ‘Growth Patterns’

by Admin on 04/04/2017

04/06/2017 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Public Barber Salon
571 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102
Growth Patterns, duo show with work by Crystal Townsend and Jewel Tucker, opening April 6th, 8 – 10 pm. Artists will be in attendance.


Crystal Townsend
COR SALIS (Latin, “heart of salt”) is the result of my first serious foray into mixed media sculpture. It’s a culmination of different techniques I’ve learned throughout my life – weaving and dyeing natural fibers, metalworking, and crystallization of mineral salts using supersaturated solutions – and musings on the ToE, or Theory of Everything, a concept introduced by theoretical physics, as viewed through the lens of visualizations I draw on during meditation.

I draw inspiration from remarkable land formations, both natural and man-made; natural phenomena and mutants; abnormal psychology; chaos theory, and, more recently, Brian Greene’s books on theoretical physics and parallel universes.

For the record, the whole thing with the crystals and my name was a total accident.

Jewel Tucker
I draw inspiration from vintage things and have been an avid thrifter for years. I never thought much about macrame even as I unearthed beaded plant hangers and quirky knotted owls from the 1970s. Eventually I tried it myself just for fun with some yarn I had no other use for. I enjoyed the repetitiveness of it and from there I took off running, seeking out high quality materials and setting out to create pieces with a modern feel, something lacking from the macrame of the 1970s.

For me the most attractive thing about macrame and textile art in general is the ability to craft something extremely intricate with a material that couldn’t be more simple, any piece of string. In my series ‘Entangled’ I challenged myself to create as many different textures as possible with a single material, twisted cotton rope. This was achieved through the use of various knots, improvised weaving, disassembling pieces of rope to reveal the tiny strands that make up each piece and splicing them together, trimming, combing, trimming some more, for a final result that showcases traditional techniques while introducing a chic modern aesthetic.