The Growlery: ‘Fül World’

by Admin on 03/14/2016

04/01/2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Growlery
235 Broderick St
San Francisco, CA 94117

growlery“A ridiculous and paradoxical tale and journey of the portrait of a cartoon wizard that is the multidimensional autobiography of the landscape that is bay hill.”

The Growlery is pleased to present Fül World, a solo exhibition for local poet and visual artist Bay Hill opening on April Fool’s Day. During his residency at The Growlery, the artist reacted to the current ambiguity in the national consciousness regarding truth, post truth, and fake news by generating a playful world that pushes the viewer to “be a fool”; to take a ridiculous journey not wholly separate, but not completely contained in reality. Throughout Hill’s work, both written and physical, the thread of playfulness resonates in his use of bold i…magery and references to mystical figures, nature, and modern-primitive iconography. He takes cues from our own perception of current events and upends them. Without adhering to strict, linear thought processes, he invites the viewer to freely interpret not only the artist’s world, but the viewer’s own world, as well. The artist’s toolkit is varied: he utilizes murals, paintings, and sculptures to play with the physcial space of The Growlery itself.


Bay Hill was born in Seattle and grew up in rural Wisconsin. He is currently an artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area and has shown work around the globe including Chicago, Oakland, Japan, Taiwan, China, Mexico and Colombia. Bay firmly grounds his visual art practice in his poetry – working to transfer his written creations into physical objects and paintings. Bay values the ability to be aware of reality, with all it’s challenges and cruelty, but have the mental flexibility to see beauty and playfulness in everyday objects and in doing so he regularly blurs the line between art and the mundane. While in residence at The Growlery, Bay will be working on an a series of paintings, sculptures, and installations.