“The Love of All Above,” John Felix Arnold III at Queen’s Nails Projects

by Admin on 02/07/2012

Oakland artist John Felix Arnold III made his debut at Queen’s Nails Projects with an entertaining and visually stunning one night only solo show, “The Love of All Above.” A variety of an art show, ritual ceremony, and performance showcase with Daylight Curfew, Kool Kid Kreyola, and Him Downstairs, Arnold’s arts and installations were illustrative of his influential formative years in the 80′s arts scene in New York, Japanese art and culture as a profound influence on his work and life, and an unrelenting artistic vision. Within this world were mixed media paintings, an altar of a wooden-crafted eagle, stage built by Arnold for the performers, and a limited edition zine for the “Love of All Above” available through the night.

John Felix Arnold’s commitment to his beliefs of the gallery space as a forum for more than just art on a wall, but rather a creation of an entire visual, aural, tactile, and artistic environment was evident at Queen’s Nails. This is the latest installment in his series of exhibitions, “Unstoppable Tomorrow: The World of Future Antiquity,” which the artist began while attending the San Francisco Art Institute. The audience was taken in with the surroundings listening to music, participating in the ritual in the back room, dancing to the music, and taking mobile photographs of themselves and their friends within the space. The project’s ideas were also seen in locations like in “Unstoppable Tomorrow” in 2010 and “Astroknots” 3 in 2009 at Old Crow, and The Altar of Future Antiquity in 2007 at The Swell Gallery. Arnold describes these ambient surroundings creating “a place of calm contemplation, appreciation for life and the things which we discard everyday which become a part of the beautifully dirty urban landscape we exist in.”