Photo Feature: Jason Aumann and Evan Holm, “Time Machine” at 5 Claude Lane

by Admin on 12/18/2012

Organized by independent curatorial team Mosshouse at 5 Claude Lane, Time Machine is a collaborative exhibition with artists Jason Aumann and Evan Holm, who explore the tenuous relationship of self amid visual ambiguity of future and the past. Each of the artists’ practices is built upon an aesthetic based on old and new imagery, found objects appropriated and transformed through technological intervention. Artworks in Time Machine reflect upon deterioration, timelessness, and ephemerality.

Holm and Aumann use found materials, both imagery and objects evidence of a past age, and reinterpret the pieces into their work with a modern perspective. Holm’s scholastic background in art and engineering informs his work that examines the intrinsic grace and beauty found in nature. He assimilates obsolete, abandoned technology into visual and aural installations to explore his interest in “how technology can interface with poetic themes of loss and transmigration. With these machines, I generate elusive soundcapes woven with forgotten music and misplaced recordings from decades past.” His works push the limits of how technology can interface with loss and transmigration.

Aumann’s artwork also re-contextualizes this cultural ephemera to create impressive and yet imperfect, obfuscated mixed media images. Aumann writes: “My mixed media works on panel layer digital technology with traditional processes, often reflecting or repeating imagery from the past in various states of deterioration. Through this aesthetic lens I create mysterious and tonal variations of the familiar that connote the imperfections, impermanence and beauty of our collective and conscious experience.”


“Time Machine” will be at 5 Claude Lane through January 5, 2013.