Photo Feature: “Golden Source Power Three” at Needles & Pens

by Admin on 02/19/2013

Now at Needles & Pens Gallery, “Golden Source Power Three” is a selection of vibrant, fantastical abstracted collaborative color and black and white drawings in myriad mediums by Jesse Balmer, Niv Bavarsky & Michael Olivo. Artworks by this artistic trio, who started drawing together early in 2012, were initially for amusement, but grew in signifcance as they developed to moments of meditation, and fonts for artistic inspiration. Paradoxically, drawing with the others only further strengthened their role within the group, and solidified each artist’s unique style within the collaborative process. This show is an opportunity to see many of the drawings the three completed together after a year of collaboration.


“Golden Source Power Three” will be at Needles & Pens through March 3