Photo Feature: Hespe Gallery’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition

by Admin on 04/17/2013

Hespe Gallery celebrated its 20th year in San Francisco with a diverse group exhibition of an assortment of work by artists it has represented over these many years. Founded in 1993 by Charles Hespe just a block from Union Square, Hespe Gallery has remained in its original location at 251 Post Street, Suite 420, but has now acquired more exhibition space in Suite 210. The gallery writes this exhibition is not a typical anniversary show, featuring artworks that are testaments of its successes in the myriad interpretations of Representational painting, but also how during its tenure has taken on art that challenges its status quo, and introduced emerging Bay Area artists to its audience: “Hespe Gallery has been fortunate to show the work of well – established and respected American painters, including Kim Cogan, Eric Zener and Lawrence Gipe. We have also had the pleasure of introducing the works of Amberlee Rosolowich, Robert Townsend and Hiroshi Sato.”Artists featured in the 20th Anniversary Exhibition include Richard Ambrose, Wolfgang Bloch, Patricia Chidlaw, Kim Cogan, Erin Cone, Pablo D’Antoni, Alicia Dubnyckyj, John Evans, Lawrence Gipe, Gus Heinze, Mimi Jensen, Marianne Kolb, Kim McCarty, Alyssa Monks, Glen Ness, Amberlee Rosolowich, Hiroshi Sato, Robert Townsend, and Eric Zener.


Hespe Gallery’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition will be on view through April 27.