“Shared Secrets” at Ian Ross Gallery

by Admin on 06/18/2013

Separating its large exhibition space this month into “mini solo shows,”  “Shared Secrets” group show at Ian Ross Gallery is composed of artwork by three artists:  Eddie Colla, Allison Torneros, and Daniela Cunha Lay.

Brazil/California-artist Daniela Cunha Lay’s black and white tonal portraits of high-profile celebrities of the past and present are “blinded” by a single spatter of vibrantly-colored paint. This powerful, emotive gesture in many ways may allude to not only the convoluted perceptions of celebrity public and private identity and those deeper psychological issues, but also the artist’s commentary upon the rise and proliferation of celebrity culture, perhaps to society’s chagrin.  Says Lay: “While ​​Warhol​​’s body of work repulses me in that it is rooted in the superficial glorification of fame and fortune, he does inspire me aesthetically….though what he very lucidly depicts as coveted and appealing Hollywood glamour, I see as less-enticing, conflicting emotional terror.​”

Los Angeles-based artist Allison Torneros implements fine-art, painterly skills into a genre and subject matter more commonly associated with a freestyle approach. Drawing upon the human condition, Torneros creates “mash-ups of the beautiful and grotesque, abstract and figurative and ordered and chaotic.” The artist describes her process like free association. Drawing first abstractly and without a definite idea, she will return to the work several times and refine images she sees in the primary, elemental composition. Her images manifest themselves from a material void. Torneros  also creates public artwork under her pseudonym, “Hueman.”  “When I dare to go outside of my comfort zone I feel more human, and I hope to inspire others to do the same, ” says Torneros.

Oakland artist Eddie Colla’s wheat-pastes and stencils of post-apocalyptic cities occupied by animal hybrids, or more commonly Asian metropolises and back-street scenes often occupied by a reoccurring female Asian revolutionary character expressing passionate calls for freedom and liberty can be found throughout public spaces locally and nationally. Colla views his public art and its subject matter an act of reclaiming the streets from the indoctrinating advertisements and oppressive political agendas: “These spaces should, in some manner, reflect the culture that thrives in that space.” Colla implements his artwork into wearable, contemporary designs within his clothing company, 5733 as well as stickers, album and magazine covers. Colla also supports San Francisco Bay Area makers and artists by featuring their artwork and creations in his gallery & retail shop, LOAKAL in Oakland’s Jack London Square.


“Shared Secrets” will be at Ian Ross Gallery through July 12.