Don’t Miss: Ron Ulicny, “Paintures” at Spoke Art Gallery

by Admin on 07/23/2013

Portland-based artist Ron Ulicny returns to San Francisco’s Spoke Art for “Paintures,” his second solo show at the gallery. Each of these ten new sculpture/painting hybrids are intriguing visualizations of the artist’s recent studies into the patterns, colors and forms of objects encountered daily. Seemingly un-categorizable as either painting or sculpture, Ulicny’s artworks within his second solo exhibition continue his first exhibition’s encouragement to furthering discourse and emphasizing the imperative of redefining three- and two-dimensional visual arts, while also continuing his particular examination an art object’s tenuous relationship with its functional purpose.

Ulicny’s collection of visual art hybrids seem to be carefully curated within each exhibition in order to examine many sides of the found-art process. Not only does the artist re-contextualize common, obsolescing items and elevates them into unique art-forms with multiple layers of meanings, but he also begins at the opposite side, stripping  already functional items and to make them art objects, making erudite commentary about art value versus functional value. “Coalescent Preservation” is a minimalist representation of what naturally occurs in the process of making objects without particular function into art. Placing crochet threads into glass jars, it is literally placed on display. Brought together such quantities as Ulicny has staged, their materiality and presence is exacerbated into a meditative focus. Conversely, In 4 Representational Cubist Tools, Ulicny strips the tools of a valued function, and replaces their utilitarian headpieces with art objects that cannot function as what they replace, stripping them of their use. Yet, new value is established to the objects based primarily on its loss of function and only by its visual quality. These are just a few of the many objects in the gallery that delve into the multiple points of themes of value, object-hood, and function, and makes Ron Ulicny’s “Paintures” at Spoke Art a show not to miss.


Ron Ulicny, “Paintures” will be at Spoke Art Gallery through July 27th.