Photo Feature: Eddie Colla and D Young V “Memento Mori” at Art Works Downtown

by Admin on 09/17/2013

“Memento Mori” in San Rafael’s Art Works Downtown by Oakland artist, Eddie Colla and San Francisco artist, D Young V is a further progression of both artist’s practice that investigates human nature, societal dynamics, and cycles of civilization.  By paring down life to the basic necessities, in this case working within a post-apocalyptic world, both artists consider the title, which in Latin means “Remember Death” in multiple ways. In one, the installations depict the reemergence of a new world from ashes of the old, and in that they examine how society regroups after major disasters, and how the memory of destruction and the world before play a role in it. Another, with the proliferation of what look like death masks and shrines with personal effects and identification cards of those seemingly lost in the apocalypse, how perhaps the inevitability of one’s own death and death of those once close shape our lives. The show includes a several collaborative works designed just for this particular installment.

“Memento Mori” will be at Art Works Downtown, 1337 Fourth Street, San Rafael through October 11.