Don’t Miss: Root Division MFA Now 2014 Juried Exhibition and Archive Project

by Admin on 02/19/2014

San Francisco Bay Area’s California College of the Arts, Mills College, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley have been rated by US News and World Report some of the top 100 universities and colleges for Fine Arts postgraduate programs, making the work of local, university, and emerging artists particularly important within the region’s contemporary arts. For the month of February Root Division presents this year’s iteration of its annual project, the MFA archive publication and “MFA Now” group exhibition. The MFA Now 2014 archive portion of this annual project is an inclusive publication of all eligible artist submissions, which will be released this month featuring all 126 Bay Area MFA candidates, a full-page dedicated to the practice and artwork of each contributing artist, and a selection of essays by faculty from each of the MFA programs, Root Division staff, and Donna Napper, Curator, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and sole juror of the group exhibition portion of the MFA Now project. Napper’s selection of seventeen artworks from submitted archive materials include artists Brittany Acocelli, Michael Bartalos, Leslie Bock, Rachel Bussieres, Irene Carvajal, Alyssa Eustaquio, Ninh Filip, Danielle Genzel, Sofia Gonzalez, Chandler Holmes, David Mohr, Felicita Norris, Mark Pinto, Brittany M. Powell, Biagio Scarpello, Edward Setina, and Brittany Watkins.


MFA Now: 2014 Juried Exhibition and Archive Project will be on view at Root Division through February 22.