Photo Feature: ARTRA Curatorial MAS Attack Ltd Ed. LA x SF

by Admin on 02/20/2014

Founded by Max Presneill and Colton Stenke in 2009, ARTRA Curatorial, a volunteer-led organization for “the implementation of new modes of exhibition focusing on artist-led platforms, interactions and community-building,” held one of its national MAS Attack social networking exhibition events here in San Francisco February 8. Artists residing in its home city, Los Angeles visited San Francisco artist hosts for a one-night-only event and exhibition at Studio 17.  ARTRA Curatorial facilitates large-scale art events like MAS Attack throughout US cities to support the local and national artist community, and provide artists with networking and exhibition opportunities. More about the event and how it is organized can be found at

Participating artists from LA included Shiva Aliabadi, Kireilyn Barber, Nick Brown, Daniela Campins, Miri Chais, Emily Counts, Lisa DeSmidt, Mark Dutcher, Clifford Eberly, Helen Garber, Rema Ghuloum, Paul Gillis, Kio Griffith, Michelle Carl…a Handel, Elana Melissa Hill, Ben Jackel, William Kaminski, Bessie Kunath, Claudia Morales McCain, Chris Mercier, Lisa Oxley, Calvin Phelps, Max Presneill, Jason Ramos, Rachel Stiff, Chris Trueman, Mike Vegas, Tessie Whitmore, and Steven Wolkoff.

Participating artists from San Francisco included Elisabeth Ajtay, Marisa Aragona, Josh Barone, Carissa Potter Carlson, Ann Diener, Robert Donald, Larry Gipe, John Graham, David Marc Grant, Casey Gray, Scott Greenwalt, Jennie Lennick, Leora Lutz, Whitney Lynn, Andrew McClintock, Andréanne Michon, Robert Minervini, Nicky Nargesian, Mitsu Okubo, Thomas Ortiz, Michelle Ramin, Jovi Schnell, Tamra Seal, Jenny Sharaf, Sarah Tell, Mark Van Proyen, Ingrid V. Wells, Katherine Westerhout, Michal W. Wisniowski, and Sandy Yagi.