“Universe: The Art of Existence” at Modern Eden Gallery, Curated by Michael Cuffe

by Admin on 04/17/2014

With the current airing of the science documentary series, COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey on FOX television hosted by Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, there has perhaps been a renewed interest in the cosmology and the universe at large. The current exhibition on view at Modern Eden Gallery responds to this increased attention. Universe: The Art of Existence is arts and news website Warholian founder, Michael Cuffe’s second curated exhibition at the gallery. Following last year’s popular and similarly large-scale group show Tarot: Art of Fortune large scale group show UNIVERSE brings together over sixty familiar and new artists from San Francisco Bay Area into this North Beach exhibition space to explore more in depth and with a creative touch the mysteries of the world, this time as it relates and responds to ideas surrounding the cosmos, galaxies, celestial bodies, planets, stars, and more.

For the group show each artist was encouraged to interpret the universe itself as either “an outer or inner world.” Many interpreted these broad themes by taking a fantastical look at the outer limits of space, either by a mode of scientific inquiry or allowing their creativity image what the unknown of space might resemble. “Cosmos,” an oil on panel by Amy Mastrine reveals the awestruck beauty of the universe and its sublimity by illustrating a relation between the moon and a celestial body set amid the black void of the universe, which provides a striking contribution to the show. The planet that is partially hidden in the lower portion of the panel also hints as the unknown. Taking a more physical look at the universe, detailed artworks like “Fourth Stone From the Sun” by John Wentz and “Trifid Nebula” and “Andromeda Galaxy” by Lyrica Glory reveal the vastness of the universe by depicting small, accurate portions of its make up, like a planet or a galaxy.

Other artists in Universe however, come from a point of view of the human experience. Through personifications, they explore how the understanding of the universe’s monumental nature affects comprehension of things at large and an understanding of oneself in it. “Inner Space. Formless, Infinite.” by Jake Kobrin parallels the inner workings of the mind and the expansive unknown of the universe. A great bolt of energy seems to emanate from the middle of the eye, recalling both religious and Enlightenment imagery that celebrates the intelligence and ingenuity of the human race. In addition artworks such as “Busy, Busy, Busy” by Primary Hughes, “Claire: Inner Space Light” by Erik D. Flores, and “Aeon” by Chuck Sperry provide either anthropomorphous views of elements within the universe, or illustrate how humans have singularly played an important role in understanding the world as well as the methods undertaken from keen observation and scientific inquiry to uncover its mysteries and identify its workings. Every artist in the group show, however, reveals a relationship with the universe is significant, and inextricable.

“Universe: The Art of Existence” will be at Modern Eden Gallery through May 3, 2014.