Photo Feature: Beyond Structure at 111 Minna Gallery

by Admin on 05/09/2014

Beyond Structure at San Francisco’s 111 Minna Gallery throughout the month of May showcases work by interdisciplinary, college-level art students from various regions in California that illustrate new directions and ingenuity in art-making, which is counter to and outside the bounds of their current, academic curriculum. Working outside the oft-taken artistic direction, the included artists in Beyond Structure  evince possibilities for further innovative techniques, unique practices, production of new forms of visual expression, and alternative ways of understanding art that furthers crucial dialogue to what art actually is and can become. After an initial Call for Artists, co-curators Robert Melton, Outreach Coordinator for Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young Museum’s College Night program and 111 Minna Gallery curator Micah LeBrun worked alongside an invited jury panel including Ron Turner, founder of LAST GASP Publishing; artists Stacey Ransom & Jason Mitchell; Warholian founder Michael Cuffe; co-founder of SF Art Enthusiast, Alfonso Cosio; Ryan Carrington, sculpture and foundry teacher at San Jose State University; Renee Baldocchi, Director of Public Programs at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; and visual artist Lenore Chinnto choose the works currently on view. Beyond Structure includes painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, stain glass, mix-media, installation and video by artists Marshall Elliott, Debi Ling, Chiyomi McKibbin, Jonny Alexander, Anthony Tablizo, Brian S. Canfield, David Schonhoff, Maggie Hibert, Nicole Ravicchio, Chico Coelho, Joon Park, Gabriel Martinez, Aziz Yonuss, Wendy Wolman-Ledner, Elena Shevtsova, Isaac S. Lewin, Biagio Scarpello, Siavash Almeida, Dorothy Lin, Eric Jacobson, Chris Cook, Felix Francisco Quintana, Dan Fenstermacher, Eliana Cetto, Kristian Talley, Kyle Campbell, Lisa Banks, Luis Silva, Silvie Deutsch, Martin Segobia, Nathan Cox, David Samuel Metcalf, Thomas Sanders, Ron Myers