Photo Feature: Sen2, “A Declaration of Color,” at 1AM Gallery

by Admin on 07/15/2014

1AM Gallery’s current show, “A Declaration of Color,” features a wide array of mixed media works on canvas, limited edition prints, and installation by celebrated New York-based graffiti artist, Sandro Figueroa Garcia, Sen2. Sen2’s particular aesthetic as well as his unique graffiti and letter style carefully developed throughout his long career make intriguing references to his Puerto Rican heritage as it has blended with his vast experiences as a prominent graffiti artist in The United States. His artworks include classic American imagery, from the everyday sights of water towers that dot the New York City urban landscape to national landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. Sen2 takes these familiar elements and makes them new again by implementing them into design patterns and graffiti, balanced with organic splashes of bright colors.

Sen2 grew up in Canteras, near Santurce, Puerto Rico; his passion for graffiti stemmed from multiple trips to many places around the United States. “In the beginning I saw graffiti from L.A., there I saw artists like SLICK & HEX,” says Sen2. “…later in the mid 80′s I began traveling to N.Y.C. where I started seeing many different styles & coming up with my own flow & style.” And he explains further in another interview: “I used to spend my summers with family in NYC up in the Bronx. There I discovered pieces by Daze, Crash and Seen.” He co-founded Mad Crew, one of the most successful in Puerto Rico, and was once a member of one of the most prominent graffiti crews in New York, Tats Cru. Sen2’s artwork has been featured throughout the United States and Europe: from the 2013 Urban Art Biennale at the Völklingen Ironworks, Germany, the Yves LaRoche Gallery in Canada, and Art Basel Miami.  He has worked with artists including Jennifer Lopez, Nas, and Missy Elliot, and contributed designs to Tribal Gear, Miss Sixty, and Wildstyle Technicians. His own brands, The Sen2 Collection and the DirtyWaters Trade Company, fulfilled a personal dream to represent Puerto Rico in the fashion industry.


“A Declaration of Color” will be at 1AM Gallery, 1000 Howard Street, through August 1st, 2014