Photo Feature: Bass & Reiner Gallery, “Bang!” Group Show

by Admin on 12/15/2014

The gallery inside artists cooperative STUDIO17 in San Francisco’s Mission district, now under management of curatorial group Bass & Reiner and directed by Mariel Bayona, Chris Grunder, Cléa Massiani, and Emily Reynolds, focuses its interests upon exhibits and projects that encourage meaningful collaborations between emerging artists and curators. Its debut exhibition, Bang! includes artwork by Nando Alvarez-Perez, John Ciamillo, Heather Engen, Angela Fox, Malena Lopez-Maggi, Minji Sohn, and Tobias Tovera.

The energetic onomatopoeic title, besides a clever appropriation of a common idiom, to begin the gallery’s exhibition program with a bang, also serves as an encompassment of many definitions that aim to describe an at times evasive and indescribable aesthetic shared by each of the artworks: “a noise, a sound, an energy, an act of physical intimacy, pleasure, excitement, an exclamation point, a formation, a blow, a bump, a throw, a hairstyle, a crash, a beat,” as the gallery describes it. Pertinent to the group show, Bang! aims to encapsulate the energy of this word, while it concurrently reveals its multiplicity, paradoxes, and perhaps even its contradictions.

Bang! will be on view at Bass & Reiner Gallery through January 10, 2015. Gallery hours are Saturdays 11 am to 6 pm and by appointment.