Photo Feature: Luna Rienne Gallery, Affordable Art Series

by Admin on 12/30/2014

Luna Rienne Gallery’s current exhibition of 10-inch square artworks officially launches its Affordable Art Series, which will offer modestly-priced artwork to both seasoned and burgeoning art collectors alike by a continuingly growing roster of local and national artists. With this new programming, Luna Rienne joins several other galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area that simplify the oft-described difficult, or seemingly daunting process of acquiring art and beginning an art collection that will concurrently reflects personal taste and support the local art community. Programs such as these also benefit artists, attracting new collectors to their practice with a budgeted trial purchase. While many affordable art series will typically include only prints or artist’s multiples, Luna Rienne’s program debuted with unique paintings, multimedia pieces, and sculptural works.

The Affordable Art Series debuts with 23 urban contemporary artists, many of whom are based in the Bay Area and have some exhibition history with Luna Rienne: Adam Hunter Caldwell, Alec Huxley, Blaine Fontana, Brett Amory, Daniel Fleres, Erik Otto, Evan Venegas, Ivy Jacobsen, Jet Martinez, Joshua Lawyer, Joshua Mays, Jud Bergeron, Kelly Ording, Kevin Earl Taylor, Leon Jay Loucheur, Monty Guy, NoMe Edonna, Norm Nomzee Maxwell, Reuben Rude, Ricky Watts, Sarah Colemank, Michael Moncibaiz, and Ursula Xanthe Young.

The Affordable Art Series exhibition launch will be at Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd St. through January 20, 2015.