Call for Entries: “Obsidere” MicroClimate Collective Group Show at Alter Space — Due: March 1, 2015

by Admin on 02/15/2015


Deadline for Submissions: Sunday, March 1st 2015
Exhibition Dates: May 8th to June 6th, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, May 8th, 2105
Alter Space 1158 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Curated by MicroClimate Collective: Glenna Cole Allee & Victoria Mara Heilweil, with Guest Curator Claudia Tennyson


What is it that inspires a person to accumulate a collection? For example the Collyer brothers’ hoarder’s house in Harlem, or Imelda Marcos’ closet containing 3000 pairs of shoes? The 12 identical velvet suits and 100 umbrellas of Erik Satie? What causes a person to take habits to extremes? Like Nikola Tesla who would circle a building three times before entering it, feared round objects, used 18 napkins, counted his jaw movements before eating, and would never dine alone with a woman…What can we say about those states in which the world recedes, the horizon shrinks, and we become so singly focused that time does not exist? Where we will fail again and again, but persist until we fabricate some way through the impasse?Is it genius? Is it healthy? Do you care? What is it when you simply cannot turn it off…. It’s the middle of the night and


What can be conveyed about those extremes in which some Thing becomes necessity, the sole desire, and pursuit the only suitable option? Where vision narrows, where all perspective is lost? Where we can find ourselves blind to balance, ebb and flow, to any limits including our own?

When is it enough? How much is too much?

The term “obsession” stems from the Latin root “Obsidere”: to besiege. A paradoxical force of creation/destruction, obsession has been variously considered an angelic or demonic “possession.”


MicroClimate Collective invites Bay Area artists and performers of all persuasions to submit work inspired by ideas of obsession. Submissions may be in any media including projection, sound, interactive works, performance, installation, painting, photography, and sculpture, etc. Group collaborations, improvisational, and social practice investigations are invited. We are open to works in progress, and site specific works to be created for the exhibition. We are particularly interested in process oriented pieces that can potentially morph and evolves over time in the gallery. Broad or oblique or left field interpretations are encouraged. Please specifically address how your work fits the theme suggested by the concept Obsession in your submission.

Please note that artists must install and de-install their own work, and provide for all of their own equipment needs. Artwork is not insured.

Please send all submissions and inquiries to:

To submit work, please send us the following information:
– Your name(s)
– Phone
– Email
– Title and date of piece
– Medium
– A detailed description of piece including how it fits the theme of the show
– Web link to video documentation and/or attach up to 3 jpegs
– Please list the equipment that you will use (you must bring your own equipment)
– Any other special notes or requirements

MicroClimate Collective is an artist created curatorial project that grew from a conversation between artists sharing a strong desire to foster community and creative dialogue. Our exhibitions have provided a context for cross-pollination and collaboration between diverse circles of local artists.

MicroClimate Collective germinated in 2008 in collaboration with Climate Theater in San Francisco. For two years, the Collective curated one and two night multi-genre arts and performance events, and an artist residency project at Climate. In 2010 the theater moved, and MicroClimate Collective became a free-floating entity.

MicroClimate Collective is currently Glenna Cole Allee and Victoria Mara Heilweil.