Photo Feature: California College of the Arts 2015 MFA Thesis Show

by Admin on 05/27/2015

California College of the Arts’ Graduate Program in Fine Arts 2015 MFA Thesis Show on view from May 14 through the 23rd in the Nave of its San Francisco campus was an exciting culmination of fifty candidates’ journeys to achieve a Master’s of Fine Arts degree from one of California’s most prestigious schools of higher education in the practice and study of the arts. As a school innovative in its founding, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive education in the techniques and theory of both fine art and craft, it was no surprise that one of the 2015 exhibition’s highlights included the program’s interdisciplinary orientation: nearly every artist’s thesis work included an interest in the convergence of disparate mediums and approaches to art-making, exemplified utilization of broad methodologies and approaches, and showed a vast font of inspirations and influences.

The ten-day exhibition also served as a celebratory manifestation of the wealth of explorations and development the 2015 graduating class underwent throughout the 2-year degree program. Whether focusing upon a Studio or optional Social Practice (unique at CCA) during their education, all students underwent extensive training and further education by the school’s esteemed faculty in the fine arts –such as painting, drawing, and sculpture — and/or mediums more commonly associated with traditional craft — including glass, metal arts, and textiles. These critical moments in the studio were supplemented with integral seminars, workshops, and lectures, many led by well-respected and renown  local and globally-based artists and arts professionals, deeply informative and enlightening to the significant issues and theories in modern and contemporary arts.The exhibition lastly served as the beginning of a new phase in their creative careers, and encouraging futures.


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