Photo Feature: “Wander & Wayfare” at Rocha Art

by Admin on 06/05/2015

Although technology has connected artist communities across the world, enabling them to reach beyond their immediate locales for exhibitions and career opportunities, art making is arguably a pursuit that demands site-specificity,  requiring artists, particularly mural artists, to travel not only to execute and exhibit their work, but to gain more experience and build relationships. Rocha Art’s first annual Wander & Wayfare, comprised of a mural festival and gallery exhibition, brings attention to the significance of the complementary facets of an artists’ practice. The eight participating artists of Wander & Wayfare covered Rocha Art’s building, and several other buildings from North Beach to South of Market with murals, encouraging audiences to not only see the artwork on view in the gallery space, but travel throughout the city with similar nomadic zeal.

Co-curated by Rocha Art director Daniele Rocha, and exhibiting artist Allison Torneros, also known as street artist “Hueman,” Wander & Wayfare includes fine artwork in its gallery space, and massive murals around the city by artists whose practices span the globe: Amanda Lynn, Kristin Farr, Hueman, and Lauren Ys all call the Bay Area home; while Christina Angelina, Elle, and Tatiana Suarez dot the United States from East to West: Venice, California; Brooklyn, New York; and Miami, Florida, respectively; and Caratoes returns to San Francisco from her home in Hong Kong to paint more murals in the area. Wander & Wayfare also is noteworthy in its intent to expose the work of specifically contemporary female mural artists to the community while beautifying San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods. Although not a major theme of the exhibition, the all-female artist group, who also represent very disparate backgrounds carries on the inclusivity and commitment to diversity prevalent in Rocha Art’s exhibition program.


Wander & Wayfare will be at Rocha Art, 466 Brannan St. through June 19th, 2015.