Kelly Ording and t.w.five, “The Line Up” at Luna Rienne Gallery

by Admin on 08/21/2015

Paint, pen, or paper may be some of the artist’s elemental tools, but a finesse with shape, color, and particularly the line are certainly just as essential. The intricate fashioning of the many lines composing a picture can just as equally form a figure as it can suggest a mood or convey an emotion. “The Line Up” at Luna Rienne Gallery, including artwork by Kelly Ording and artist duo known as t.w.five, is an intriguing exploration into the many ways the intrisinic properties of the line, as well as its particular role in each work, inform and influence the formal qualities and conceptual understanding of the piece.

Oakland artist Kelly Ording’s imagery is an intriguing blend of the unique and the multiple, the collective and singular experience, and the organic and more contrived aesthetic process and happening. The organic, layered lines formed from the act of aesthetic mark-making is carefully paralleled with the type of line created from the precise draftsmanship required of geometric shapes. The artist’s careful selection of paper that presents time-caused wear: watermarks, sun bleaching, and foxing, and her careful process of exposing the grain on the works on wood panel, successfully add an enjoyably unique depth and complexity to her work. Ording’s abstractions, comprised of an organic-hued palette and a composition referencing a natural landscape yet formed by geometric shapes, provide a significant alternative perspective to the theme than t.w. five’s Hus suite of artworks.

Brazilian artist Paula Pereira and Swedish artist Pernilla Andersson, known as the San Francisco-based duo t.w.five, seem to have combined each of their lived experiences and perspectives of identity, duality, and cultural adaptation to inform the style and design of their collaborative artworks. Each work in “The Line Up” is from their Hus series — House in Swedish. Handmade from cut adhesive vinyl material with bright, primary colors that abstractly render fragments of homes built in iconic modern architecture. Yet, Pereira and Andersson’s works are not simply colorful collages of starkly abstracted images that aggrandize the already striking, dynamic features of the style. Closely observed, the work is composed of multiple layers, obvious and subvert, with different types of lines forming in their overlap. In F Hus for example, the gray facade with its sheer diagonal line jutting upward looks to be made up of smaller polygons, as does the green ground. This creates an engaging aspect of viewing; juxtaposing the more overt lines that abruptly divide space and place, with the perhaps more unassuming lines that create depth and texture.


Kelly Ording and t.w. five, “The Line Up” will be on view at Luna Rienne Gallery 3318 22nd Street through September 7, 2015.