Photo Feature: Santos Shelton “Tales Of The Isolated Warriors at ELL

by Admin on 02/12/2017


“Tales of the Isolated Warriors”, Santos Shelton introduces a new series of work based on the theme of isolation. Inspiration taken from his own experiences, Shelton examines the bigger questions surrounding why people choose to isolate themselves from others and why society isolates certain individuals. This set of work is the next chapter in his ongoing narrative based on a fictional universe the artist uses to represent his ideas. Using abstract and illustrative influences, Shelton seeks to express emotion and thoughts that reflect his life while being a record of the time we live in. In “Tales of the Isolated Warriors,” the story continues after “the traveler” has drifted in space for over a century. He is drawn by an unknown force to a mountain located on a isolated planet. He meets a strange warrior there and discovers not only the secret of the mountain, but gains some insight into his own demons.


Santos Shelton has created his own universe with galaxies, planets, and beings that live within. He uses his life experiences in conjunction with what he sees is affecting society to tell stories of distant worlds and civilizations, while allowing this universe to grow and be molded by his artistic journey. His universe is not just a conduit for him to share his feelings but to hopefully help create a better understanding of the human experience. Santos is currently based in Oakland, CA. He uses bold colors, shapes, and patterns tempered with abstract expressive movement to create emotion in his work. Illustrative influences add a deeper and personal touch to bring his universe to life while using the power of story-telling to convey his intent and message. He believes in communicating an idea through these various mediums to allow the viewer not just a moment of reflection in their own life, but to come to their own conclusions and understanding about what the work means.