Photo Feature: ‘Peer Pressure’ at The Growlery

by Admin on 03/18/2017


The Growlery is pleased to present the exhibit PEER PRESSURE featuring artists immersed in skate and street art cultures from the burning deserts of indigenous Arizona.

IRWIN LEWIS is a photographer who has traveled throughout Japan. Currently working and living in San Francisco he is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. His street photography is a raw and lonely look into the worlds of the congregants of street life and city hustle. He originally picked up photography as a skateboarder as has done work for the GAP inc. amongst other brands.

REBEKAH MILES is a photographer, painter and digital artist. She has shown work in Santa Fe NM,Mesa AZ and at Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles CA. Her own remix of photography
with digital painting creates livid multi-textural dreamscapes looking that look into the past, present and future..

TRAY POLK is an artist, skater and apparel designer who’s started his own skate brand: Oddity Skate Apparel. His mixed media paintings are rock and roll tributes celebrating the chaos of skate culture. He has traveled around the country hosting skate events.

DOUG MILES is an artist, skater and film maker creating short films. His new paintings
combine a love for graffiti art and positive vague phraseology that simultaneously perplex and inspire. He’s traveled the country promoting skateboarding on numerous Indian reservations for over 15 years.

REUBEN RINGLERO is a film maker and photographer that creates films for the ( Gila River ) Akimel O’Odham tribe in Arizona. His love for photography and skating translates seamlessly into his film work. As a cinematographer and director his love for his family and film infuses all his work.

DOUGLAS MILES is an artist, muralist, film maker and presenter and owner creator of Apache Skateboards. His work with Apache Skateboards has created a small revolution in how Native People are viewed today. His Apache Skate Team helped create a resurgence in skateboarding on Indian reservations across the country. He is currently artist in residence at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco.