Erin Fong and Taylor Reid: “The Peep Show” at Mule Gallery

by Admin on 05/23/2017

Curated by Erin Fong and Taylor Reid, who are the founders of the Bay Area letterpress print shop, Western Editions, The Peep Show at Mule Gallery aims to raise funds for Planned Parenthood and raise awareness for women’s rights and women’s health issues. I spoke with Fong and Reid about the show, and how it came about.

-How did you get all the artwork for the show?

The Peep Show was entirely built on community, everything from hosting the show at Mule Gallery to reaching out to the group of artists who are included. Knowing that we were putting together a show with a tighter timeline than was ideal, we just reached out to the artists in our community. Some we knew well; others we admired and hoped to get to work with. Most artists already had boob related work, which is why we reached out to them and others we admired their medium and style and asked if they would create something that would fit in with The Peep Show. The response was overwhelming. Everyone was so positive and excited to create some fun boob related art, as well as donate the majority (if not all!) of proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, Instructions for a Freedom

-In looking at the artwork featured in the show, it’s a beautiful diverse arrangement of medium and form, but all responding to issues that are very real at this time right now. Would you say the show is functioning as an activist platform? Why or why not?

We hope that The Peep Show is serving as an activist platform and raising awareness in our current political climate as to where women and women’s rights are at. We ultimately hope that we sell EVERYTHING and get to make a huge donation to Planned Parenthood at the end of it. More than 2 million people in the USA use Planned Parenthood every year. It is an important asset for many people in regards to both women’s health and sexual health. We are so thankful for the turnout at the opening and the coverage that The Peep Show has received and really encourage everyone to go check it out before the show comes down on May 26th!

Artwork by Meghan Shimek. Photo: Erin Conger


Could you also speak to the role artists are taking on as activists within the Bay Area community and beyond? Is this an inherent responsibility or more of a choice?
I think as women and as feminist we do have an inherent responsibility to be active in our communities and stand up for causes we believe in. However, what that role looks like is entirely personal. There is a privilege that comes with having the time and resources to be an activist and there is no right or wrong way to get involved. We feel so fortunate to have people like Mule Gallery to work with and an amazing group of artists to contribute to raising funds for Planned Parenthood. Every conversation we have with each other, our neighbors, our co-workers is all important and a choice we hope the community continues to make in the face of our political environment.

The Peep Show will be on view at Mule Gallery, 80 Fresno Street, San Francisco through May 26th


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