Photo Feature: ‘Group Hang’ New Work by Facebook Artists in Residence

by Admin on 08/29/2017

 GROUP HANG Public Exhibition of New Work by FB AIRs

Facebook’s Artist in Residence Program (FB AIR) is pleased to announce its first major public exhibition, *Group Hang.* The show will take place at The Lab, a nonprofit art space located in San Francisco’s Mission District, and will be open to members of the public of all ages.

*Group Hang* marks the fifth anniversary of the founding of the FB AIR program, and features new work by 50 artists who have since completed site-specific installations and/or special projects at Facebook’s corporate headquarters in Menlo Park.

The FB AIR program was formed in 2012 as an initiative out of Facebook’s Analog Research Laboratory, an in-house analog design/print studio that was created by Facebook designers who wanted a place where they could step away from their screens and get back to their roots as physical makers. The AIR program began inviting exclusively local artists to spend time making art throughout the company’s headquarters –and, increasingly, at offices around the world– and create site-specific installations throughout the offices, along with fine art prints in the ARL. Its primary goals are to foster connections between cultural producers and diverse audiences globally, and support artists at all career stages.

“We believe that art and artists are essential in society and deserve ongoing support as well as platforms for experimentation and engagement,” says Drew Bennett, the founder and director of the FB AIR program. “We’re thrilled to publicly share new work by some of the incredibly talented artists that we have worked with since launching five years ago. Many of these artists are locally-based and were still at an early point in their careers when they participated as AIRs, and it’s been truly wonderful to see the evolution of their respective practices since then.”

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Jessalyn Aaland / Jonathan Anzalone / Michelle Blade / Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels / Val Britton / Charlie Callahan / Thomas Campbell / Jeffrey Canham / Carissa Potter Carlson / Randy Colosky / Francesco Igory Deiana / Chris Duncan / Kristin Farr / Joe Ferriso / Casey Gray / Barbara Holmes / Wendy Hough / Rachel Kaye / Jane Kim / Isaac Lin / Chris Lux / John Martin, Creative Growth / Alicia McCarthy / Barry McGee / Travis Meinolf / Masako Miki / Robert Minervini / Serena Mitnik-Miller / Brendan Monroe / Paul Morgan / Chris Natrop / Jay Nelson / Kelly Ording / Tahiti Pehrson / Yulia Pinkusevich / Sofie Ramos / Sarah Rara / Adee Roberson / Leah Rosenberg / Nathaniel Russell / Jessica Sabogal / Adrien Segal / Sonnenzimmer / Mason St Peter / t.w.five / Sage Vaughn / Rob Moss Wilson / David Wilson / Lena Wolff / Zio Ziegler