San Francisco, composed of commercial galleries, non-profit arts organizations, collectives, and a community of artists as diverse as its 36 neighborhoods and over one hundred factions within, is home to one of the most unique art communities in the United States. San Francisco Art Enthusiast is not only an online magazine that chronicles the vast art scene through gallery and museum exhibition reviews, interviews of artists as well as art professionals with critical insight into the unique aspects of the contemporary San Francisco art scene, but also aims to provide support and encourage development in the San Francisco Bay Area art scenes by providing resources and opportunities for both artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Begun in 2010, San Francisco Art Enthusiast was the debut arts journalism website of the larger Art Enthusiastâ„¢ enterprise, and will continue to launch arts news websites in major cities throughout the United States. In recognition that even local, contemporary artists and enthusiasts are becoming more mobile and connected to other places throughout America, Art Enthusiastâ„¢ aims to create an online, mobile space that will not only celebrate and create awareness of each city’s unique arts scene, but will also foster and connect the local artist and art enthusiast of these micro-communities with similar communities nationally.